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How Early Do You Need to Book Your Vendors

There are a few vendors that need to be booked well in advance after securing your venue and date. They are your photographer, videographer, and makeup artists. These vendors should be booked right after your venue, and usually its a 9 months to 15 months in advance. It also depends on how soon you plan the wedding as well. Some couples want to have their wedding during the same year as they are engaged. I would advise to have at least 9 months to a year for the planning. This will give you ample time to research your vendors and book the one that is best for your wedding. Below are some common questions had when I was having a consultation with them.

Q & A

Q: Does the time and season matters when I choose a venue?

A: Well, that depends on your theme and if you want to have an outdoor wedding vs indoor. It say you want to have the wedding outdoor, around May and June would be nice with the abundance of green and warm weather before the heat waves. Another time and season would be October if you want to catch the autumn leaves.

Q: Why should I book the venue first instead of the photographer? Can I not book all of them at once?

A: The first question the photographer and other vendors will ask is. " When is the wedding?" Without a date, they are not sure if they are available even if you ask 1 year ahead. Photographers and Videographers booking sometimes can go in to 2-3 years in advance.

Q: What is a good timeframe to book your vendors?

A: Book them as soon as you secure the venue. Your first go to would be the photographers and videographers.

Q: When should I get my florist?

A: 6 months would be a safe timeframe. It would be best to have the theme picked, so they can give you suggestion.

Q: Who should I book after securing the photographer and videographer?

A: Makeup artists, DJ and Entertainment.

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