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How is wedding photojournalism different from traditional wedding photography.

The venue is booked and you are looking for wedding photographers to capture your day. You are scrolling down your Instagram, and you see a lot of photos you like from candid to formal posing. Then a question pops in your head." What type of photographer do I want, photojournalism or traditional."

A wedding photojournalism photographer will capture mostly candid shots of yourself and the guests during the wedding. It suits you best if you don't want to get interrupted during the wedding. When looking back at the photos, it will retell and bring you back to the wedding.

As for traditional wedding photographer, most of the images will be formally posed and will require your attention from time to time during the wedding day. Some brides and grooms would say its more work then my job. It is true because it will be the photographer telling your wedding day with his or her images. Some couples would like that because they love what the photographer presents and want them to be in charge.

So which photographer will you pick? Photojournalism or Traditional? Candid or Formal?

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