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Mabel and Kevin WD Preview

Picture this: a crisp October day, and Mabel and Kevin, two lovebirds, saying their "I dos" in a ceremony that was the perfect blend of sweetness and laughter.

Mabel and Kevin's love story was at the core of it all. Their vows? Heartfelt, bringing a tear or two. But trust me, it wasn't all seriousness; they had everyone in splits with their witty one-liners and playful banter.

Under the welcoming October sun, they exchanged rings, sealed the deal with a smooch, and we all witnessed their epic journey beginning. It was one of those weddings where love and laughter blended seamlessly, leaving all of us grinning ear to ear. Here's to Mabel and Kevin, a couple who nailed the sweet and hilarious wedding game! 💍❤️🌞🎉

Photography- @kevinkoophotography

Venue- Leonard's Palazzo

Emcee- Sisi Yam

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