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Planning your wedding during COVID 2022

The wedding industry had a pause in 2020 to early 2021 and newlyweds have been rescheduling or cancelling their weddings base on the new guidelines. Now in 2022, places have been opening up and weddings are resume. Before the pandemic, planning a wedding would be about 1 year timeframe and now is not the case.

Book your venders "Now"!

Availability for venues and vendors are extremely tight for this year. Newlyweds from 2020, 2021, and 2022 are all competing for the dates they want. Once your venue date is guarantee, book your vendors as soon as possible before they are booked up. Photographers, videographers, and makeup artists will be the ones that gets booked up really fast. Some are already booked for their 2020 and 2021 clients. If you find the photographer that you like, book it.

Get Tested!

Even with masks and vaccination, anyone can get still get COVID. We love our friends and families and don't want them any harm. Our suggestion is to get tested 2 days before attending the wedding to keep everyone safe. With the new Omicron, we want to be safe and enjoy the wedding at the same time.

Destination Wedding

We would suggest to find out how the venue at your choice handles COVID-19. Will that country cause any outbreaks which result the decline of your return? Are the country loose on regulation and safety measure since COVID-19? Would your travel insurance cover your COVID-19 expense (hospital bills, medications, hotel if not able to return due to lockdown, etc). Send your RSVP to see how many people can make it to a destination wedding. If not that many people can make it, maybe a local wedding would be an alternative.

If everything goes well, find a photographer at that country to capture your wedding day. It will save you travel expense to hire someone from your country if you are on a budget. Since you are have a destination wedding, why not arrive a few days later and get your engagement photo as well? Arriving a few days earlier will give u buffer time in case the flight gets cancel. It will give you time to plan your flight with another route.

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