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Wedding Games and Entertainment

You got your DJ and music booked and your dance floor ready, but still have to add more fun for your guest? Here are some tips that can spice your wedding up.

-Photobooth! You probably guessed that one. In the recent years, photobooth had been in a lot of wedding and many people loves it. There are many photobooth services out there and the rates varied from the menu list they give you. I, for myself do include a photoshoot service for my clients, so if you are looking for a photographer and photobooth service feel free to checkout my website ( and contact me for more info. The guests can take home the funny photos they taken at the wedding and you, as bride and groom can make a scrapbook and keep a copy too.

-Cartoon Drawings! If you been to Time Square, you probably seen a lot of cartoon drawing artists making drawings of their client into cartoon drawings. Instead of having a photobooth, you can think about having a cartoon artists or have both.

-Board Games! Yes, you heard it right. Having board games at a wedding doesn't make too much sense right? But it packs a lot of fun, especially if you have a long cocktail hours. I had experienced a couple of weddings that the couple had prepared Jenga, Connect Four, and other multiplayer quick games. These games will keep the crowd interact with each other and keeping the vibe together.

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