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What is an appropriate tip for wedding vendors?

The question that get asked the most is "What is an appropriate tip for wedding vendors?" Is a question with no right answer. It really depends on the service you get from the vendor. As a photographer myself, my clients would tip each of my team members or one big tip and we split it ourselves. I have gathered some tipping reference while networking with other vendors and hope it would be a great reference for the newlyweds.

Tipping Reference for Each vendor

Depends on the service, number of hours, consultation, any follow up, etc.

~Photographer- Engagement Session- $40 to $60

~Photographer- Wedding Day- $100-$500. This is the range I have seen ,received myself and as a team. The team can consist of main, 2nd photographer , and assistant.

~Videographer- Wedding Day- $100-$500. This is the range from the videographers I had worked with. The video crew usually have 2-3 members and 1 videographer if they opt for the standard package.

~Makeup Artist- Bride- $60-$100 , Bridesmaids -$20-$40 per. Some makeup artist do the hair as well, so the amount should be base on the service and overall experience.

~Limo Driver- $40

~Wedding Planner- most of the have it in their contract.

~Bartender- the guest will be tipping the bartender as the event goes on, so its up to you for this one.

~Venue Staff- They should have it in the contract.

~ Photobooth- $20-$50 depending on the numbers and number of staff.

Its not mandatory, but its an appreciation of the service and hard work each vendor put in to your wedding. No one should be pressure and appreciation can be given in different form. A good review on their business page or a thank you card would be appreciated as well.

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