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A Backyard Wedding Can Be Joyful Too.

A lot of times when we search for our wedding venue, we look for something grand or make our guest "Wow" But what makes me "Wow" as a photographer its not how grand the place is, but what the stories and intimacy before the couple. For this wedding, it has nothing to do with "Grand", its just a simple backyard behind an ordinary house.

It took me awhile to location the house, because I thought I would be looking for a restaurant or anything relate to it. The newlywed greeted me as they walked out of the house and showed me where the ceremony would be, the backyard. Yes, its a normal backyard with just trees, leaves, and a few chairs. This got me to think how can I present the photos to my client that it doesn't look like a regular backyard having a wedding.

But my worries were gone once the bride makes her entrance. The reaction of the guests and the intimate moments between their vows were priceless. What made it even more special its that the officiant its the father of the bride. How lovely is it to be the one to announce husband and wife for your daughter's wedding.

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