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Picking Your Wedding Favors Can Be As Easy As 1,2,3

Wedding favors are a gift of appreciation to your guest who celebrate with you at your wedding. Usually, people would pick the item that its related to their theme or something that its useful. In my experience, I have seen couples give out small bottle of wine, coffee beans, honey from the farm they met, etc. Still not sure? Don't worry, here are some tips that can help you.

-Want to make it personal? Creating a custom logo and stick it to the wedding favors like chocolate, honey, jar of coffee beans, wine bottle, etc can add a unique style too. (Esty have some custom logo services at an affordable rates.)

-Want the guest to use it when they get it? One of the mostly used wedding favor items are bottle opener, theme related picture frame, and slippers. Yes, slippers, you read it right and wondering why? After dancing a few songs into the dinner, the ladies feet must hurt from wearing the high heels and that's where the slippers comes in. As for the guys, they can take a pair home and use it at the beach or at home.

-Want to have the guest take something from the wedding and make it meaningful? Some couples would like their guest to take something from the wedding like a souvenir when you go on a trip. One way you can do it its having the wedding favor be part of the decorations. One of the wedding I photograph, the bride and groom made a handmade butterfly straw and a jar of coffee beans as wedding favor and decorations. The bride handmade the butterfly straw since she loves butterflies and the groom used a jar of coffee beans because he loves coffee. The gifts are part of who they are and they though it would be something meaningful to them and want to share it with the guests. They placed it at the reception tables along with the centerpiece to make it part of the decoration of their wedding.

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